Powers of Taiko

This project came to me in February, 2021 as I wrote about the cases I knew where taiko has been used as a healing art form. I knew I wasn’t alone in having taiko transform my life, but I wanted to know from others exactly what and how taiko has changed them or people in their lives.

The project is in the data-gathering stage and because of the tremendous support from others, it is now a global project! Two other scholars are interested in collaborating with me in an analysis of the data gathered. I plan to share all findings and somehow even share/post different stories from people who have shared. Taiko players will be able to read about what fellow taiko players have experienced through drumming.

The project has now been translated into several languages thanks to the contributions of others. Please continue to share with your groups so that we may get a greatly international picture of the powers of taiko.

Additionally, we now have a Powers of Taiko Video project that will be first viewed at the European Taiko Expo in Hamburg this October, 2021. More information on the POT video project is here.

*need a Russian proof reader. Bolded languages are finished.

Powers of Taiko has turned into an international project that I hope will continue to spark interest and insight! Translators: Rosalinde Depardé, Sven from Tengu Taiko, Folke Schönhoff, Anita Rókás and Bernadett Berta, Chiara Codetta, Keith Saito, and Isabel Romeo. Advisors: ManMan Mui, Vanessa Stephen, Kate Walker, Mel Ski.

The introdcution letter if you want to share:

Hello everyone,

I am seeking participation in a project about the Powers of Taiko. Taiko has been in my life for just over four  years, but I have been impressed with the variety of ways taiko is used to influence or has influenced various aspects of people’s lives. I have heard stories of what instructors have seen or are doing and heard personal stories of how taiko has influenced themselves or others.

There are many influences that contribute to growth and change in one’s life, but in my case, taiko has been one of the main drivers behind deep internal shifts and wonderful, but also painful growth (my great growth began in 1990, but taiko has been an extra special influence). 

Because taiko has so profoundly stretched me, I wanted to get a better sense of how it may have also changed other people’s lives – whether you are a casual player, if you haven’t played in a long time, or if you spend all day playing or teaching. For some people it might be merely a fun thing to do every couple or few weeks, while for others it might be a spiritual experience to play either by themselves or with others. 

I realize people’s experiences will be different. I am interested in short and long stories, light or profound stories, and even stories about how awful taiko has been for you (LOL).

I would like to compile the stories and data to see how taiko can be used as a tool for internal or external, e.g., social or political, change, and eventually somehow share the insights or the stories with the community. You would be able to determine if you want to be anonymous.

This is the link to the initial registration form. Once I have your email address, I can email you the POT questions. 

Please spread the word to other taiko players in your community, especially those who are not on facebook.

If you want to know more about me before registering, I am at wendygphd.com, victimsheroessurvivors.info, on Facebook as Wendy Jo Gertjejanssen or Dr. Wendy Jo, and there is a short taiko bio at here.

Thank you everyone!


If you would like more information, please contact us!