Powers of Taiko

Here are some preliminary comments from people who participated.

This project came to me in February, 2021 as I wrote about the cases I knew where taiko has been used as a healing art form. I knew I wasn’t alone in having taiko transform my life, but I wanted to know from others exactly what and how taiko has changed them or people in their lives.

The project data will slowly be put up online. I plan to share all findings and somehow even post different stories from people who have shared. Taiko players will be able to read about what fellow taiko players have experienced through drumming. This has all taken time and will continue to take time. Whether you enjoyed reading the responses or are using the data for your own research, if you wish to support the project financially, you can venmo me. Any donation is appreciated.

Additionally, we planned a Powers of Taiko Video project that was going to be first viewed at the European Taiko Expo in Hamburg this October, 2021. More information on the POT video project is here. This project fell through because of the pandemic and ETE being postponed. Perhaps someday someone will finish it!

I hope the next go around of this project will have more people participate in their own languages. For now, though, we have entries from all around the world in English. Translators: Rosalinde Depardé, Sven from Tengu Taiko, Folke Schönhoff, Anita Rókás and Bernadett Berta, Chiara Codetta, Keith Saito, and Isabel Romeo. Advisors: ManMan Mui, Vanessa Stephen, Kate Walker, Mel Ski.

St. Paul/Minneapolis Taiko (Big Drums) Classes